Why you Need to Earn

Your Exercise is Medicine® Malaysia Credential Certificate?

Exercise is Medicine® Malaysia offers a credential program that recognizes healthcare providers, physiotherapists, nutritionists and exercise professionals who possess the education and skills to work closely with the health care community and referred patients, including those with common chronic diseases and health conditions. Certified individuals with a qualifying university degree can earn the EIM Credential. The credential signifies that an individual is part of the EIM movement and has the skills and training to be part of EIM programs affiliated with health care systems and/or in community settings.

The EIM Credential currently features

Three Levels

Those credentialed individuals may work with individuals who are healthy or who have health-related issues.

  • Healthcare Providers: is defined as: a doctor of medicine or osteopathy, podiatrist, dentist, chiropractor, clinical psychologist, optometrist, nurse practitioner, nurse-midwife, or a clinical social worker
  • Dietitian: Bachelor of Dietetic/Bachelor of Science with Nutrition & etc.
  • Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. 
  • Fitness Trainer:
    1. At least a Diploma Graduate of any field
    2. At least one (1) year of documented work experience as a fitness professional
    3. Current accredited fitness professional certification by Malaysian government

Those credentialed individuals may work with patients that have specific medical issue that will be covered by Level 2 course. That might include working with patient with Asthma, Depression and other specific issue.


    • Minimum of 1-year practice with level 1 certificate
    • To pass level 2 course and exam
    • To be able to provide a logbook information for 1 year.

Those credentialed individuals may work with patients who require close clinical support and monitoring. That might include: patient with cardiovascular disease, patients with cancer or cancer survivors, exercise in pregnancy and exercise in patient with special needs.

  • Information will be updated soon
  • Other interested individuals that not fit in the above criteria and interested to join kindly contact us for more details.
  • Certificate will be given upon the satisfaction of the board committee.
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